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About Me

I've been taking images for quite some time now, back in the day when you had to put an old cartridge into the back of mum's camera, fire off all 24 frames and send it off to the chemists and get it back a week later.....only to find that your finger is in every frame!!!! Well, I've grown up (a little) now and unwanted fingers are a thing of the past!

For the last ten years photography has been a huge part of my life. I've studied with the Photography Institute and The Institute of Photography (Yes, I'm aware that it sounds a little like a Monty Python scene!!!) and more recently with the internationally renowned London School of Photography. Pressing the little shutter still fills me with as much excitement as it did on my mum's old camera years ago. It gets even more exciting when I see my client's reaction too. Digital photography is instant. You can see the results straight away. Then there's Photoshop. This makes image making even more exciting!

I cover many genres in photography including portraiture, sport and now aerial photography using drones. Click here for my new Films & Drone page. I have a mobile lighting studio that I can take to clients homes for their family portraits or I'm just as happy to follow them outside for natural shots.

Creativity has been my passion for life. I was a professional musician for many years working around the world, which is also where my passion for photography came from too. Visiting so many beautiful places and meeting so many exciting people, I felt that I had to record everything otherwise it would just be a distant memory. I think that sums up photography. It's a moment in time captured forever.

Thank you for visiting. Please enjoy having a browse around, buy if you want to - there are plenty of printing options and gifts to buy. If you're interested in having some images taken or you would like more information then please get in touch using the 'Contact Me' link at the top of the page.

To Mum, Happy Birthday
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